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    Moment Of Truth


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    Black girls with natural hair get made fun of and black girls with fake hair get made fun of and black girls with no hair get made fun of so like what are black girls supposed to do but not give a fuck abt u

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    Tinder Romance

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    Kyrie put 26 on Serbia to help Team USA win gold at the World Championships, but his best performance was in practice.



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    Burger King Japan’s limited-time Kuro Diamond and Kuro Pearl burgers. Yes, that is black cheese. It’s dyed using squid ink.

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  13. BREAKING: September 9th will be officially an entire month since the murder of Ferguson African-American unarmed teenage Michael Brown, at the hands of racist Ferguson PD Officer Darren Wilson. In this entire month, Officer Darren Wilson hasn’t been heard from, he has literally disappeared. He still has not been arrested, charged, or indicted in the murder of Michael Brown.



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  15. I enjoy being alone. I really do. ..just chillin peacefully in my own space. Coolin’